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Talks Continue on Passenger Rail

Further to MLC Dianne Hadden raising the issue of return passenger rail to Maryborough, this has been followed up last week by your local member for Ripon, Joe Helper addressing the communities needs in State Parliament. Mr Helper spoke of the need for passenger rail for many people in the electorate. He also confirmed tht the petition for the return of passenger rail had been presented to the Minister for Transport, Peter Batchelor.

Wendy Everingham, spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association, was very happy with the outcome. She said "it is very pleasing to know that the local Maryborough MP's had gotten behind the project and would actively support the residents in their determination to have better rail and bus connections within their district".

The Public Transport Users Association have since had further talks with all the MP's in the Ballarat region. All are in support of better public transport in the region. In particular Dianne Hadden and John McQuilten have shown support for the local Maryborough community.

Maryborough and district residents will be happy to know of the involvement of John McQuilten in the Mildura Reference Group that will examine return passenger rail to Mildura. Within this reference group he will be able to raise the issue of a high frequency commuter service between Ballarat an Maryborough. It is also of interest to note that Mr Geoff Smithwick of the National Express Group has also expressed interest in the return of the commuter trains between Maryborough and Ballarat.

"It would seem that your rural communities transport needs are finally being listened to, however we encourage residents to maintain pressure on their politicians for the services they need. The Public Transport Users Association is heartened at the thought for positive outcomes for the region", concluded Wendy Everingham.

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Last Modified: 11 April 2000