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Scoresby Freeway a Disaster for Green Belts says Leading Planner and Environmentalist

The president of the Upper Yarra and Dandenong Ranges Environmental Council, Dr Michael Buxton, has warned that the proposed Scoresby Freeway would threaten the environment in outer Melbourne.

Dr Buxton was an expert witness to the Scoresby Transport Corrritor Environmental effects Statement panel hearing yesterday, Tuesday December 8.

Dr Buxton said that since 1971 Melbourne has had a planning policy of protecting green belts which separate urban development corridors. These belts or wedges provide environmental, scenic and recreational facilities for Melbourne.

"Inevitably this road building will lead to loss of these green belts which are already under severe development pressure."

Dr Buxton said the freeway will attract car-dependent office and retail development along its edge and that traffic congestion will follow.

He said the freeway would create an "insatiable demand for road space" and that it was almost "lawful status" that freeways generate traffic.

Dr Buxton called for integrated land use and transport planning which will "generally favour improving public transport and oppose the further provision of major road systems".

For further information and comment call Dr Michael Buxton 9925 3039 (work) 03 5968 4206 (home)

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