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Scoresby Freeway Threatens Nillumbik Green Wedge - EPA

The Environment Protection Authority will tomorrow criticise the State Government's Environment Effects Statement on the proposed Scoresby Freeway.

In its submission to panel hearings on the Scoresby Transport Corridor EES tomorrow, the EPA will state that "environmentally sensitive" areas "namely the Nillumbik Green Wedge" will be threatened by the transport pressures of the Scoresby Freeway development.

The EPA will also argue that the EES:

  • fails to establish the impact of key pollutants on human health from the proposed Scoresby Freeway
  • is "misleading"and understates the effects of ozone on human health
  • is "inaccurate and misleading" on fine particle pollution and failed to consider roadside pollution
  • fails to consider cancer-causing air toxics such as benzene
  • is "confused" about environment protection policies and measures and has not used the latest national environmental protection standards.

The EES has listed four options for consideration by the panel, all of which feature the Scoresby Freeway as the central proposal; a fifth option which made public transport improvements the major proposal, was dropped from the final EES.

The EPA notes that the EES supports urban planning solutions which require public transport servicing but says the EES has failed to investigate this option, PTUA vice-president John McPherson, said: "It Is remarkable that a State agency,VicRoads, has failed to accept the advice which the expert agency, the EPA, could have offered in the EES process."

"The EPA has now confirmed that the Green Wedge is under threat and that the only environmentally sustainable option for the corridor, public transport, has been ignored."

(The EPA will presents its submission to the Scoresby Transport Corridor EES at the panel hearing room, Olderfleet Building 477 Collins St at 9.30 am.)

A copy of the EPA submission is available.

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Last Modified: 22 November 1999