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Yarra Council has failed to reduce the impact of the car on residents, workers and traders. The current City Plan 2001 - 2004 pays lip service to public transport while pursuing policies that entrench car dependency.


The new Yarra Council must show leadership on these issues and establish a Senior Manager for Sustainable Transport who will develop and implement a Yarra Sustainable Transport Plan that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport. The Senior Manager will also lead and lobby other councils, State Government and private transport operators to achieve sustainable transport outcomes.


ObjectiveMajor Strategies
Replace local car trips with walking and cycling trips
(17% of all trips are local, of which 36% are made by car.)
  • Implement traffic calming measures, including footpath widening and tree planting, in key activity areas such as Brunswick St
  • Extend bicycle paths and bicycle parking facilities
  • Promote walking, cycling and public transport use to Yarra residents, schools, workers and visitors
  • Develop a car reduction land use policy to encourage residents to reduce the level of household car ownership.
  • Develop a retail centres policy that encourages the retention and convenient location of shops and services
Replace cars coming into Yarra with public transport trips
(44% of all trip are those coming into and leaving Yarra, 72% of which are by car)
  • Identify ways Council can directly fix or lobby for improved public transport transit times, frequency, safety and extended hours of operation including
    • Tram and bus priority at intersections
    • Reducing traffic blocking tram lines
    • Transit lanes for Punt Rd/ Hoddle St bus
    • Improved amenity, and safety at tram and bus stops
    • Improved access to railway stations
  • Reduce its own car travel by enrolling in the TravelSMART program. (This helps businesses develop green transport plans.)
  • Encourage major employers to join TravelSMART
  • Not increase the supply of all day parking in Yarra
Reduce through car traffic
(39% of all traffic, of which 75% is by car)
  • Actively oppose freeway extensions, especially Merri Ck and Alexandra Pde
  • Advocate for the building of train lines to Doncaster and Rowville
  • Lobby Melbourne City Council to reduce city parking
Trip data taken from the Northern Central Corridor Issues paper. September 2001

Authorised by John Cox, 14 Greeves St FITZROY 3065

Page not found | Public Transport Users Association (Victoria, Australia)

Last Modified: 26 February 2002