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City of Yarra goes green

PTUA is very pleased with the outcomes of its recent Yarra Council campaign, which involved close collaboration with Friends of Merri Creek and the Yarra Community Bicycle Advisory Committee. Many of the new councillors made public commitments to improving sustainable transport in the municipality.

The Greens candidates showed a good understanding of PT-related issues, and put together a very convincing response to our agenda. They were rewarded with four seats in the nine-member council. Some Greens candidates in the areas where we campaigned won primary votes of more than 45%. Were these results to be repeated in the State election, the Greens would win the seat of Richmond.

From a PTUA point of view, however, the purpose of our campaign was not to have candidates from a particular party elected but to attempt to set the agenda in terms of transport priorities in a key municipality. We believe our campaign has put us in an excellent position in this regard.

Of course making commitments in an election campaign is a very different business to implementing reforms and so we strongly encourage PTUA members who live in, work in or travel through Yarra to lobby councillors to implement the sustainable transport plan (see the PTUA website for details). Members who are interested in further action should contact John Cox on 9419 6787.

Thanks to John Cox and all who helped with the organisation of the campaign.

The PTUA has launched a campaign for a more sustainable transport policy in the City of Yarra to coincide with upcoming council elections.

Yarra is the weakest link of the inner-city councils, with its municipal strategic policies encouraging car dependency and including only token references to sustainable alternatives such as public transport.

This election provides an opportunity for a strengthening of Yarra's commitment to sustainable transport. We hope local residents and council candidates will support our campaign to keep the inner city liveable.

Candidate Report Card

Sustainable Transport for Yarra - Our Plan

For further information call 9650 7898 or email office at

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Last Modified: 29 April 2002