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Yarra Campaign



Dear Candidate

The Public Transport Users Association, along with other community groups such as the Friends of Merri Creek and Yarra Community Bicycle Advisory Group has launched a campaign for a more sustainable transport policy in the City of Yarra to coincide with upcoming council elections.

We hope to persuade candidates for council to commit to a range of initiatives to encourage public transport, walking and cycling. Yarra is the weakest link of the inner-city councils, with its municipal strategic policies, such as the current City Plan, encouraging car dependency and including only token references to sustainable alternatives such as public transport.

The PTUA has a large membership base in the area and has received a lot of feedback from local residents about the poor quality of public transport and high levels of traffic congestion. They feel their council is not doing enough to support the cause, particularly compared to other inner urban councils such as Moreland and Port Phillip.

This election provides an opportunity for a strengthening of Yarra's commitment to sustainable transport. We hope council candidates will support our campaign to keep the inner city liveable.

PTUA would like to invite you to attend a public meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday 5 March 2002 at 88 Kerr St Fitzroy. The purpose of the meeting is to allow residents to meet council candidates and assess them on sustainable transport issues. We have asked transport academic and Yarra resident Paul Mees to give a brief analysis of the challenge facing the City of Yarra. This will be followed by an opportunity for candidates or groups of candidates to present a five minute summary of their plans to implement sustainable transport policy. There will then be the opportunity for the public to ask questions. Representatives of the PTUA, Friends of Merri Creek and the Bicycle Advisory Committee will be scoring candidates' responses. We would be grateful if you could confirm attendance as soon as possible.

In addition, we will score candidates on their response to the attached questionnaires from PTUA, Friends of Merri Creek and the Bicycle Advisory Committee. If you could please return these to us by Thu 7 March, we would be most appreciative. The PTUA also asks candidates to commit to a sustainable transport plan, which is also attached in outline.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the campaign further, please feel free to contact me on 9279 1854 (w), 9419 6787 (h) or by email on

Thank you for your participation.

John Cox
PTUA Yarra Campaign Coordinator

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Last Modified: 26 February 2002