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PTUA: State election party policy comparisons

Based on stated policies as at 18/11/2002

Issue PTUA position Democrats Greens Labor Liberal> National PT First

Buses every 10 mins until 10pm, every 15 mins until 2am

More bus priority over other traffic

Restructure into more direct, quicker routes

Emphasis on services, not high tech expensive gadgetry

More direct routes. Thumbs up

24 hour buses along train/ tram/ major bus routes. Thumbs up

Better traffic priority. Thumbs up / SmartBus. Thumbs down

Upgrade frequencies. Thumbs up

Semi-express buses on some orbital routes

Better traffic priority.Thumbs up

Increased frequency and operating hours, better co-ordination. Thumbs up

Expansion of SmartBus project to other roads. Thumbs down

Little progress while in office. Thumbs down

$45 million over 4 years for additional services in outer suburbs, signal priority and shelters. Thumbs up

New bus/train interchange at Heatherdale

No specific metropolitan policies

PT First has adopted the PTUA's policies (as documented in "Time To Move"). See left. Thumbs up


Trains every 10 mins until 10pm, every 15 mins until 2am

More express running

New lines to Rowville and Doncaster

Airport train extension from Broadmeadows

Electrify to Craigieburn, Sunbury

Re-open Mornington

Third track Box Hill to Ringwood. Thumbs up

Rail line to Rowville and airport. Thumbs up

Development around railway stations

Investigate new stations at Southland, West Newport. Thumbs up

More express trains. Thumbs up

Upgrade frequencies. Thumbs up

Upgrade park and ride at outer suburban stations. Thumbs down

Electrify to Craigieburn, extend to South Morang . Thumbs up

Upgrade to Spencer Street. Thumbs up (to be renamed "Southern Cross")

Little progress while in office. "Flyer trains" not implemented. Thumbs down

Extend Epping to South Morang. Thumbs up

NO electrification to Craigieburn. Thumbs down

Spencer Street to be upgraded. Thumbs up, but keep current name


Trams every 10 mins until 10pm, every 15 mins until 2am

More tram priority over other traffic

Tram conductors on all but quietest routes

Selected tram extensions

Better traffic priority. Thumbs up

Tram extensions eg 3, 5, 67, 75, 109. Thumbs up

Upgrade frequencies. Thumbs up

Semi-express light rail on some orbital routes

Upgrades to tram stops. Thumbs up

Better traffic priority. Thumbs up

Extend 75 to Vermont (previously promised to Knox). Thumbs down

53 W class trams back into service. Thumbs up

Extend City Circle to Docklands

Extend 75 to Vermont. Thumbs up


Better integration of metropolitan and country fares

Abolition of single mode tickets

Include Skybus and Nightrider in standard fare system

More discounts for periodicals

Remove GST on fares

Remove GST on fares. Thumbs up

Extra discounts for periodicals. Thumbs up

Abolish need for student concession cards. Thumbs up

Increases to cover lost concession card revenue. Thumbs down

No fee for student concession cards. Thumbs up

Adjust fare zones to remove anomalies

Oppose Liberals' abolition of zone 3 on the basis it would encourage more passengers. Thumbs down. Thumbs down

Abolish zone 3

National seniors concessions

Cut rail fares to Geelong


Staff to sell tickets alongside machines

Remove need to re-validate

Emphasis on staff, not more expensive machines

Consider changes to ticketing after 2007, eg Smartcards. Thumbs down

Make ticket offences non-criminal offences

Replacement ticketing system in 2007 with smart cards. Thumbs down

Smartcards to be introduced. Thumbs down


Tram conductors on all but quietest routes

Staff on all stations, first to last train

Police as backup for staff

Re-introduce tram conductors and station staff. Thumbs up

Re-staff stations. Thumbs up

Re-introduce tram conductors. Thumbs up

All stations staffed fulltime. Thumbs up

Broke promise to re-introduce some tram conductors and station staff. Thumbs down

More police, including on public transport

No commitment to re-staffing. Thumbs down

Ensure adequate staff on trains and stations

New Transport Authority to co-ordinate planning

Operators to run services only, not plan

Co-ordinate timetabling. Thumbs up

Return to public sector after contracts expire. Thumbs up

Oppose privatisation of public transport: review contracts

Promote pro-PT planning. Thumbs up

(weak) regulation of private operators. Thumbs down

Public Transport Ombudsman. Thumbs up

New Transport Authority. Thumbs up - but needs clarification on precise role and powers

Tougher stand on operators. Thumbs up

Public transport industry ombudsman to include freight. Thumbs up


Abolish VicRoads, co-ordinate planning between roads and public transport.

Moratorium on all new freeways

Eliminate level crossings, starting with Springvale Road

Roads and public transport to compete for funds on basis of need and return. Thumbs up

More transit lanes (2+ occupants)

Stop all new freeways. Thumbs up

Transit lanes

Build Scoresby Freeway and Eastern Freeway extension. Thumbs down

Build Scoresby Freeway and Eastern Freeway extension. Thumbs down

Remove Springvale Road level crossing. Thumbs up

Implicit diversion of funds from urban freeways to rural projects. Thumbs up

Late night Normal services until 2am, then night buses and trams      

Trains until 3am on Fri/Sat nights. Thumbs up

Nightrider expanded to Thu nights. Thumbs up


Wholesale upgrade to country train and bus frequencies

Upgrade country suburban buses

Increase frequency of V/Line services. Thumbs up

Fast rail links to concentrate on frequency and reliability. Thumbs up

Freight lines converted to standard gauge

Encourage more long distant freight to rail. Thumbs up

Fast rail links to Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon. Thumbs up

Re-open 4 country rail lines. Thumbs up

No commitment on service levels. Thumbs down

No commitment to open lines or improve services. Thumbs down

Increase rail services. Thumbs up

Re-open rail lines. Thumbs up


Move more freight onto rail

Tax reform on company cars

Improvement to freight rail links Aim to double the market share of public transport (to 18%) by 2005

Target to increase share of motorised trips to 20% by 2020, but no specific plans to achieve it

Some freight lines to standard gauge

Aim for 30% of port freight by rail

Anti-graffiti campaign

Station beautification

Require 24 hour notice of strikes. Thumbs up

$100 million for standardisation of freight rail lines

Promotion of rail for bulk freight

Possibles, no commitment   Support development of eastern seaboard Very Fast Train  

Upgrades to speed up services to Wodonga and Shepparton

Reservation for fast train to airport

Third track Box Hill to Ringwood

Airport suburban train extension via Broadmeadows


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Last Modified: 22 November 2002